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RNB Power Plus Review

by Gary Smith

Having used Garrett metal detectors for the last few years it was a great pleasure to be asked to test a new Lithium-ion super 6v battery that had been designed by RNB Innovations. This battery is suitable for the Garrett At Pro and Gold Models as an after market upgrade to the standard rechargeables we use. 

I know from experience that there is nothing worse than buying batteries and having to change or charge them up every hunt, and if your lucky they might last a couple of days out. 

This new Lithium-ion super 6v rechargeable battery was put to the test over the last two months of vigorous usage in the wet, cold, iron infested sites of England. 

I was very impressed with this battery!
It comes complete with the manufacturers 6 volt home charger and charges fully in two hours. The charger has a simple red and green light indicator to let you know when it is finished charging. 

Each time I tested the battery I kept an extensive record of the amount of time it was in use.
Over the the next two months, on average, I was getting just over 36 hours detecting time from each charge.

I did notice when coming to the near end of its charge it stayed fully powered until the very end when a bar would drop off my battery indicator on my machine giving me notice of its depletion. 

This super 6 volt battery is a fully sealed unit and weighed just 57grams compared to my original Duracell batteries at 87grams. 

I was also made aware that if I fully charged this battery and left it in my kitchen drawer for the whole year it would only lose about 3% of its charge.