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Welcome To RNB Europe

RNB is a company run by detectorists for detectorists.
We have a simple goal and that's to improve your detecting experience. Our batteries allow you detect for longer on a single charge and make buying dry cells a thing of the past. We only use Lithium-ion high capacity cells so you can be sure of a reliable long lasting product. Our batteries have received great reviews from far and wide plus with the introduction of the Power Plus for Garrett AT Pro, AT Pro International and AT Gold along with the EX-3000 for Minelab Excalibur, we welcome even more detectorists to put our product to the test.
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Selling High Capacity Lithium-Ion batteries to detectorists is our speciality.
If you own a Minelab Explorer, E-Trac, Safari, Quattro, Excalibur or Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Pro International or Garrett AT Gold then we can ensure you detect for longer and stop buying dry cells.